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NFL Draft – Too Much Hype?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, for sports.  The NHL playoffs are in full swing, now we get to see Barry Melrose and his historic mullet every night on ESPN for the next few months in addition to sports’ best, most grueling, playoff.   March Madness just came to a riveting end, even though the two semifinal games were lame the final made up for it.  The most prestigious tournament in golf began Thursday with the hype being at an all time high because of one big cat you may have heard a little about.  The MLB season has just begun as well, now impatient fans can finally get a good feel if their team is going to be a contender or pretender as each club embarks on the 162 game quest.  The NBA playoffs are about to start and aside from the endless coverage the NBA receives on ESPN they continue to be unbelievably forgettable.  The WNBA draft took place on Wednesday, everyone made sure to tune into that.  The Frozen Four is underway right now and offered a great overtime game last night setting up what will most likely be an outstanding final.  And amidst all of these great sporting events the NFL and its brain trust still find a way to stick their nose in everything.

In the middle of the offseason, when you usually hear very little news about most other sports, the NFL has found a way to make headline after headline in what is by far the most hyped professional sports entry draft.  It’s at this time every year that the likes of Mel Kiper, Todd McShay, and Jeremy Green begin frothing at the mouth, spewing out new prediction after new prediction like a sick college freshman after their first “big night” in an effort to keep viewers on the edge of their seat regarding who will be number one.  The volatility of the stock of these poor college kids would deter even the most intrepid investors from investing in them.  There was even discussion last year of moving the first round to Friday night, so the weekend could be completely suffocated by NFL coverage.  Fortunately the brain trust didn’t pull the lever.  

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