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Could the Twins Be Headed for Another Dark Ages?

“Nature does not know extinction; all it knows is transformation,” wrote Wernher von Braun, a NASA rocket scientist, on the continuation of spiritual existence after death.  His reasoning is simple: things do not die, for nature is built to transform itself, and therefore everything must continue on in some form after its demise.  In the offseason this year, it appeared the Minnesota Twins baseball club died a little by losing the club’s two biggest superstars in Torii Hunter and Johan Santana, and now on March 31st, 2008, here we are to see the Twins transformed into a completely new ball club, full of new names. 

The success of the newly transformed Twins will only be seen as the season wears on, and many sportswriters are predicting the Twins to finish in third or fourth place in the AL Central Division. As I see it, however, this year doesn’t matter, because with such a transitional, young ballclub, it’s difficult to believe that that the Twins could win the Central, or even be very competitive in comparison to the Indians and Tigers this year. The danger that I see is that the Twins could spin again into another dark age, similar to the epic string of losing seasons the club suffered in the late 1990’s.


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Is Francisco Liriano the Franchise?

With all of the speculation over the Minnesota Twins starting rotation being up for grabs, one major question to answer is, should Francisco Liriano be deemed the “Franchise” now or should this tag go to Delmon Young, Joe Mauer, Michael Cuddyer (new team leader) or Justin Morneau?

 For those of you who haven’t seen the Twins Territory commercial that aired on the Super Bowl and was created by Periscope, who really is the face of the Twins these days?

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